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Wednesday, 19 June 2019



Praise Nene is a gospel singer with an album to her credit and also a native of Kogi State. PRAISE NENE MUSIC WORLD presents “Isa’onumemi” a brand-new single from the much anticipated second album. Isa’onumemi is a song about appreciation and thanksgiving for all the wonderful things God has done.
Enjoy the rich melody and sing along with the lyrics of the song.


Wetin I go give to igwe baba to wá lókè (2x)
I am that I am, Voice of the voiceless
Eyes of the future, Elsadai daddy
Oyenemema, Aku nechamba
Ọlọ́run mi, Oba àwọn oba
Ohomorhi, Agwatana
Igwe bàbà, igwe bàbà

I will worship you for what you have done
I will bow down to praise your name oh
For your protection moni bàbà a dúpẹ́
Ẹwà ame nee èyí ozia nesa í dá avo avo

Wetin I go give to igwe bàbà to wá lókè (2x)
Call- Ọpẹ àti ìyìn ló yẹ fún bàbá
Resp- Ọpẹ àti ìyìn ló yẹ fún bàbá
All- Igwe bàbà igwe baba

Isa onumemi isa onumemi ọba yín (6x)

Wetin I go give to igwe bàbà to wá lókè (2x)
Call- Ọpẹ àti ìyìn ló yẹ fún bàbá
Resp- Ọpẹ àti ìyìn ló yẹ fún bàbá
All- Igwe bàbà igwe bàbà (2x)
Isa onumemi ìṣà onumemi ọba yín (4x)
I no fit count am
Isa onumemi obayin obayin yor
Obayin obayin
(Songwriter - Praise Nene)

Monday, 10 June 2019


Victor Omuya Adomu popularly known as Vicpraise is a seasoned music minister of the gospel engraced with an aunction for spiritual praise and worship..... He is the Lead minister of Worship Feast International Ministries,also the host of the annual Gathering of Worshippers (IGOW)....who has his base in Lokoja Kogi state, Nigeria. He has been privileged by grace to release and minister across the nation many of his other beautiful songs amongst which are "Bigger than","Faithful you are","you showed me love","Emmanuel","your's forever","I will rise","Ipoda","Ewa'riavoni" Etc.                                             And now..... A thousand or life time reasons to be grateful to God, gave birth to the release of this new single Titled; "GRATEFUL". It is a song of so much reflection on the faithfulness, awesomeness, Excellence,greatness and  magnanimousness of God. Enjoy this trail of worship..

Below are the lyrics:

Thank you Father..

I'll forever be grateful, oh lord my God (3ce)
You've done so much for me (4ce)
Take all the glory!

Bless the lord oh my soul and all that is withing me bless his holy name
You have turned my life around, set my feet upon the rock to stand, take all the glory.
You're my rock, my shield, my life, my love, my deliverer oh lord take all the glory
You have turned my shame to fame, gave me a brand new name oh lord I'll forever sing your praise....

I'll forever be grateful oh lord my God (3ce)
You've done so much for me(4ce)

Saturday, 8 June 2019


Evangelist Joseph drops two songs online.  He finally decided to drop these two songs online after numerous request from his fans about how the songs can reach them.
The songs are namely:
1. Give Thanks
2. Happy Marriage

Click here to download Give Thanks

Click here to download Happy Marriage 

Friday, 7 June 2019

Kogi state Governor Yahaya Bello Congratulates the newly elected House of Assembly Hon,Ahmed Dahiru

Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello has entrusted the newly elected State 7th Assembly members

Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello has entrusted the newly elected State 7th Assembly members with the task of ensuring that their constituency feels its effect by enabling development initiatives that benefit their interest.

He also indicated that all newly appointed representatives have to open their constituency office compulsorily, which should be available to their constituency in order to reach them readily.

During the desolution of the 6th and the inauguration of the 7th Legislative Assemblies, the Governor announced this on Thursday at the Kogi State House of Assembly chamber.

The governor stated that such a platform would enable representatives to have their constituency members ' ears and properly communicate public policies and programs to the individuals.

Governor Bello observed that the individuals conferred the right to represent their interests on the newly elected parliamentary representatives and as such they deserve the greatest representation.

While thanking the individuals who in the last election expressed their assistance for his government and the All Progressive Congress (APC) by voting overwhelmingly for the party, he said they would not be disappointed.

Governor Bello disclosed that their very loud declaration taken during the election further helped unite the individuals of the state, who articulated with one voice their ongoing confidence in the government of the New Direction.

He observed that the party made history in the last election because the individuals obviously mentioned their voices and as such made the event of the day a quiet historic event.

The Governor also used the medium to thank the 6th Assembly members for their frequent cooperation with the Executive arm, which enabled his government to reach excellent feet.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


Minister Joseph's Biography

Joseph formerly known  as Dauda Muhammad Jamiu was born in Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria on February 2, 1996. He comes from a Muslim family. Joseph has 2 siblings.

He obtained his SSCE at St.  Andrew Secondary School, Okene.

He gave his life to Christ on 22 September,  2008. under the leadership of Rev. Yakubu Kekere, the G. O.  of Repentance Church of Christ Ministry Int. He was baptised  on 22 September,  2011 at the same church.

Immediately after baptism, he got the inspiration and gift of Composing  and singing Gospel Songs. He has gotten so many invitations from churches because of his musical ability. Some of his popular songs are:

-Happy Marriage

-Give Thanks to God

Joseph was ordained as an evangelist on 22 August,  2017 at All Saint Protestant Church,  Mopol9 Kano.

Evangelist Joseph got first Musical Award  from Arewa on 15 December,  2018.

His skills have allowed him gained fame from various part of Kogi, Kano and other states

For inquiries or invitation to wedding,  birthday,  burial ceremony, contact:
What's app: 09036601494
Facebook: Prince Vivek Ozovehe
IG: Princevivek3965