How To Wrest Power From Buhari, APC, Others In 2019 – Obasanjo


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on
Monday revealed how a national
grassroot movement could galvanise the
force that would wrest power from the
All Progressives Congress (APC) and
President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 if
he elects to run.
Obasanjo who is the arrowhead of the over
three million member Coalition for Nigeria
Movement (CNM), said the way to
accomplish it is to understand those
currently in power, and by not “frightening”
and “intimidating” them while working to
also make them yield power “willingly.”
Obasanjo made this known while meeting
the two groups – Nigeria Young
Professionals Forum(NYPF) and New Nigeria
2019 in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.
The groups, led by Moses Siasia and China
Anyaso, had visited him at his Olusegun
Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL),
in consultation on the state of the nation
with assurance of their preparedness to
respond to Obasanho’s clarion call for a
popular movement to rescue Nigeria.
Describing the APC and PDP as leprous
hands, Obasanjo said the two major political
parties can’t take Nigeria and Nigerians to
an enviable height.
He added that for the task of wresting
power to succeed in 2019, “all hands must
be on deck,” warning that failure to take
necessary action would also mean a people
willingly falling victims of what they don’t
He said when a country has an incompetent
government in place, everybody is a victim,
explaining that what obtains today in
Nigeria with Buhari’s administration is
According to the ex – President, a strong
popular grassroots movement is badly
needed in Nigeria democracy to bring about
the change, sustainability, stability and
He suggested that a coalition all the
movements in the country and poaching of
the uninfected members of the leprous APC
and PDP to join the mass coalitions, would
bring about the needed change in leadership
in 2019.
“The point is this: the way to wrest power is
to know that those that are there, you have
to carry them along so that they will
willingly(yield space).. so that they will not
be frightened, they will not be intimidated.
“But this time, for us to make it, we need
all hands on deck. You see, I have publicly
said and I mean it, that as a party, neither
PDP nor APC can get us there as they have
”Never mind about reforms and apology and
all that. And yet we have to get there. I
asked one of the foundation members of
PDP, the PDP when we started, was it a
grassroots party? He said it was an elitist
“Really, we have never had the so-called
grassroots party. Even NEPU which we could
say is the nearest, was not grassroot
“And I believe strongly that we must have a
strong popular grassroots movement to
bring about the change, sustainability and
stability that we need in our democracy and
“I am happy to meet with you but don’t
take anything for granted. There will be a
lot of work that we have to do.
“What those I call power addicts would want
to do is to divide you based on gender, age,
tribe, religion and region. You have one
commonality – interest of Nigeria.
“And it doesn’t matter where you come
from. We had that interest. The truth is
this: when you have an ineffective and
incompetent government, we are all victims.
“And don’t let anybody deceive you. Those
of you who are in business, your business
could have been better today if we have a
competent and effective and performing
“As I said, stop giving excuses; we met
challenges. If there are no challenges, then
we wouldn’t need you to come. You come in
because you know there are challenges and
then giving us excuse that you have many
challenges, that is why you haven’t achieved
“And then you still want to go. The first
lesson I learnt in my military training is
never reinforce failure. What we have now
is failure. Never you reinforce failure. Let
failure be failure.
“And if you do not see what you should see,
you will then be a victim of what you don’t
like because it’s only when you see what
you should see and you do what you should
do that you put away what you do not like.
And if you don’t see what you should see
and you don’t do what you should do, you
will be a victim of what you don’t like.
“But let us bring together all these
movements because we are pursuing the
same thing. If we allow ourselves to be take
piecemeal, it is finished. Now if we are
together… Yes, I said you cannot take PDP
as it is and APC as it is; but they are not all
made of evil people.
“There are good people. I said PDP is
leprous hand, APC is leprous hand, but
there are some clean fingers in them. So,
let’s take those clean fingers in them and
graft the clean fingers in our own.
“That is the way to go and if we go that
way, we will get there, we will move
together, and we will will move fast and we
will move far,” Obasanjo said.

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