People Should Be Given The Opportunity To Commit Suicide, One They Are Done With Life” – Film Director Niyi Akinmolayan

Nollywood Director, Niyi Akinmolayan has reacted to the depression issue that has affected some Nigerians and in some cases leading to suicide.
In his Instagram Post, however, Niyi Akinmolayan stated that he doesn’t agree that all suicides were caused by depression, as he feels some people just want to leave when they are done, According to him, it is an idea and circle of life he embraces totally.
He Said:
You don’t have to like his post tho. Don’t work yourself up about it if you don’t. I think people should be free to leave once they are done. I never get too emotional about suicide. Why do we always assume people who commit suicide were sick and depressed. You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain.

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