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Friday, 7 June 2019

Kogi state Governor Yahaya Bello Congratulates the newly elected House of Assembly Hon,Ahmed Dahiru

Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello has entrusted the newly elected State 7th Assembly members

Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello has entrusted the newly elected State 7th Assembly members with the task of ensuring that their constituency feels its effect by enabling development initiatives that benefit their interest.

He also indicated that all newly appointed representatives have to open their constituency office compulsorily, which should be available to their constituency in order to reach them readily.

During the desolution of the 6th and the inauguration of the 7th Legislative Assemblies, the Governor announced this on Thursday at the Kogi State House of Assembly chamber.

The governor stated that such a platform would enable representatives to have their constituency members ' ears and properly communicate public policies and programs to the individuals.

Governor Bello observed that the individuals conferred the right to represent their interests on the newly elected parliamentary representatives and as such they deserve the greatest representation.

While thanking the individuals who in the last election expressed their assistance for his government and the All Progressive Congress (APC) by voting overwhelmingly for the party, he said they would not be disappointed.

Governor Bello disclosed that their very loud declaration taken during the election further helped unite the individuals of the state, who articulated with one voice their ongoing confidence in the government of the New Direction.

He observed that the party made history in the last election because the individuals obviously mentioned their voices and as such made the event of the day a quiet historic event.

The Governor also used the medium to thank the 6th Assembly members for their frequent cooperation with the Executive arm, which enabled his government to reach excellent feet.