SFT Nation Kogi State Best Dancer

Welcome To Wizvibes tv celebrity Hangout.

Can we meet you Sir

Thank you Wizvibes TV.
I am Michael favour 
Know as Sft_nation.
I am a dancer
A proud Kogite.


I started dancing 2017 after my second education but nobody to put me through... but I really have the passion and termination to learn and be a good dancer, but I keep pushing and pressing on to a stage I Easily dance most steps without stressing myself and I began to create and now I can dance and I’m now an impart to the society through my dance.


Most people or let me put it this way most artists only invest in music much more than dancing... music and dance are two thing that can’t be separated Kogi is a land full of positivity but people don’t discover what they have, so many talent but no sponsor or guardians but most people believe Lagos which is the center of entertainment is where you must make it not knowing that even in your land you can make it and be celebrated.
identifying my talent, and what’s is most important is to seek recognition for what i do,  share my wisdom, build a community by Create a network of like-minded people in my field and work on connecting deeply and really getting to know one another. Genuine expertise is always drawn to other experts, and in their company i can open up a whole world of new possibilities. I been of service to others. Become a trusted advisor and do what i can to help as many people as i can. How can I use what I do to be of service? Maybe i can offer my talents to a local nonprofit or set up an internship or mentoring opportunity to help someone starting out. I been social savvy. Spend focused time on social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and electronic groups in my industry. 

Share some of my expertise for free, and you can begin building a base of fans who trust me and look to me for expert advice. Remember who  I am - is the message to the world. Every word I say, everything that i communicate and do, is a message to the world. Just as a good organization protects its brand, protect your reputation by being intentional about the words I speak and the actions i perform.

The person who knows how best to market yourself is me. Start now to set myself apart as a leader and generous citizen of my professional communities, and i can take myself much further than I may have dreamed. 

This will promote Kogi entertainment through my talent.

Thank You very much for your time and consideration we wish to have you some other time.
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