[Photos] Check Out New Fashioned Product Of Itinochi Styled by Midspecial Concept

  • Check Out New Products Of Itinochi Styled and Fashioned by Midspecial Concept, Mostly Used for Beach Parties.

New Product Added Itinochi Going Global

Just 6 month to the end of 2020 and We are here to premier our New Itinochi product, just added to the lists of our Itinochi Varieties.

 *Itinochi BuckHat* is made completely from our local weavon itinochi and it has too face (Inside n Out) both you can use at anytime.

 *Itinochi BuckHat* is a fashionable hat for mostly hot weather, as it will protect your face from Sun burn and allow your skin to glow, Not that alone wearing Itinochi Buckhat makes you appears unique and stand out among your equals.

To the lovers of Beach 🏖 and explorers, this is a product you can’t afford not to have in your collection.

Do you intend to go for photoshoot and you have no idea of how to look exceptionally awesome, this Buckhat is meant for you, good for all occasions.

And to our artists, who want to shoot their music video, this product is rightfully for you.

On this journey to promote our cultural heritage and make it a global consumable product, we shall not relent on bringing to the fora the devil in our creativity.

Available for both Genders on different designs

 *Itinochi Buckhat is rightfully a product of MidSpecial Concepts* 

Model: Mhizz Zuleikhat Ahuoyeezah

Limited number available now, Just send a DM or chat us via WhatsApp 08132084435 to make Pre-Order.

Signed: Hamid Amoto, Haruna 
(CEO- MidSpecial Concepts)

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