[Opinion] Nudity societial norm or societal course.[Social Media activity Caleb Ohinoyi says]

Nudity societial norm or societal course

I have seen the trending issue in Nigeria. The ex wife of OONI OF IFE whose nude pictures appear on line some years back followed by other prominent people in the society, then I will still be walking head held high because the norm to me could not get to OKENE my home town, but like they said evil travel faster than good, just like wildfire the habit of exhibiting nude is becoming rampart in my home. A home that is suppose to be an epitome of character because the name EBIRA means character, after the first scenerio which was last year June where we were disruptly shown the madness of the highest other by some people who went to shoot a porn at checkpoint waterfall, followed by the more disgusting video titled oloshos in Ebiraland, then the Almighty single mother (Khadijat) who sent her nude video to her guy and the guy other BAE leak the video I told my chain of friends that that will not be the end that more will surface sooner than later. I said that because I know my people are litrately illiterate they are schooled but not educated they want to practice the latest trends on social media. Couple with the fact that the authorities that are suppose to look into this have suddenly forgotten their duties, Sarki the OHINOYI of EBIRA land, the ohi's, the Taru's and religious and traditional leaders of EBIRA land these is not a battle we can win by everyone writing about this somebody should be use for scapegoat to teach others lesson if not this Barakat issue will not be the last in fact these might be the least the next nude will be worst than these ones.

According to MC Madiba of Comedy and MC Edopikin they said this recent big brother naija reunion has expose a lot of rubbish and that they advice men to go to there villages to marry when they are ready to marry but the first problem I have with this theory is that who will marry in OKENE when 80% of our ladies are into drugs and prostitution and the rest are into nude escapede? My second problem is who are they doing this rubbish for? Are men free from these stupid negligence? 

Kogi central and all it's actors needs to act fast to curtail the abnormal trend in our society

I am not an English student please forget my English flaws and help our society first remember we speak EBIRA not English..

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