IT'S YOUTH O'CLOCK. Social Media Activist "Abner Aliu" Speaks on his decision To run for Kogi State Central Senatorial District. (Must Read)

 Wizvibes Management has call out on  Abner Aliu in an online interview after he made his intention known to the public on his official Facebook page in running for the Kogi State Central Senatorial position in 2023.

On Monday 10th January, 2022. Abner Aliu Who is known to be a social Media Activist and an entertainment brand owner made a post on his Facebook page which has got the attention of many celebrities, prominent people in Kogi Central after he speaks on his intention of running for the position of Kogi State Central Senatorial position.

Abner Aliu in his statement say that he is not too young to run for the position even if he is ,his brain is not too young to run for the senatorial position.

I sincerely appreciate the management of Wizvibes Media for having me.  

I'm by name ABNER ALIU ADEIZA and I've decided to run for the Senatorial seat of kogi central where I can represent the good people of kogi central.

We've had several past Senators who has done well and have been doing their best to represent the people but I say this today that it's Youth O clock and we're in the era of 'Not too young to lead'. I've seen alot that needs attention in my district and I've got to understand the pain the central is facing when it comes to a good representative in the Red chamber, I might be young but my brains are not, I might be young but my strength are not, I might be young but I can carry the burden of my people and I want to represent them comes 2023 at the RED CHAMBER.

 From his statements during the interview we see that the young man is so confidential about his decision. Let's see if he is the people's choices. 

Details Soon

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