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Kogi Central Decide:- APC Senatorial Candidate Abubakar Ohere a Superior to PDP Candidate (Natasha Akpoti)

APC Senatorial Candidate Abubakar Ohere a Superior to PDP Candidate (Natasha Akpoti)

With the current senatorial race in Kogi state, Natasha and ABUBAKAR Ohere have been trying their best to win the seat. Although they have put in a lot of hard work, it is highly unlikely that Natasha Akpoti will be able to secure the seat as other contenders are strong contenders. This article will analyse why Natasha Akpoti and Other contenders might not be able to win the senatorial seat despite their best efforts.
The senatorial seat in Kogi State is a highly contested position, and it is no surprise that the race between Natasha and ABUBAKAR Ohere has become very competitive. However, despite their efforts, there are several factors that make it unlikely that either of them will win the senatorial seat in the upcoming election. This article aims to explore some of those factors and why neither candidate appears to be a likely winner of the seat. We will look at both candidates' backgrounds, past successes and failures, as well as potential obstacles they may face in the future. Ultimately, we will try to identify why Natasha Akpoti and   Others are unlikely to win the Kogi State senatorial seat.
Abubakar Ohere, the APC senatorial candidate for the upcoming election, is a superior choice to the APC candidate in terms of experience and expertise in politics. 
ABUBAKAR Ohere has proven himself to be a leader with a great sense of purpose and integrity. His dedication and strong sense of leadership have allowed him to lead his team to success in different arenas. From guiding the team into achieving organizational objectives, to communicating effectively with stakeholders, Abubakar has diligently portrayed a good attribute of leadership. He is an example for others who wish to lead their teams with confidence and professionalism.. 
During a press conference with ABUBAKAR, he made great strides in developing infrastructure, health facilities, education initiatives and social welfare schemes. He also focused on poverty reduction and unemployment reduction initiatives which have positively impacted thousands of lives.
He has also shown diligence for women’s rights and gender equality through his leadership positions at several organizations.Abubakar Ohere is a worthy candidate who will bring about positive changes if elected as Senator. He is committed to creating better opportunities for the people of kogi State and will help make their lives better than ever before.


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