Vote Don't Fight-Engr Habib Amoka


Vote Don't Fight

Engr Habib Amoka has urged her youths across kogi states to contribute in making the 2023 election free of violence.

Engr Habib Amoka Urges Kogi Indigenes to Embrace Unity, Reject Divisive Politics.
The management plead her followers with the theme "Call for Violence Free Conduct’".
A group known as Engr Habib Amoka Network In partnership with A C COOL AGENDA FOR ODODO, has called on the people of Kogi State to reject divisive politics and embrace unity to foster stronger bonds and relationships. 

The management said her followers should leave a good legacy of strengthening the state’s democracy.
According to the management, the Government should commence mass engagement with the youth to sensitise them on the need for peaceful conduct before, during and after the elections.In a press briefing held in Lokoja yesterday, the leader of the group, Hon. Engr Habib Amoka highlighted the importance of putting aside differences and working together towards a common goal.
The management also advised the youth to lead the state’s democratic process instead of falling prey to the gimmicks of some of the politicians who were not ready to allow due process to prevail.
“To achieve violence free elections, we are calling on our fellow youths that they must re-think their perceptions because youths are the leaders of tomorrow"
A C COOL acknowledged that Kogi State has been plagued by ethnic and political divisions, which could hinder progress and development, urging the people to rise above these divisions and focus on what unites the people, rather than what sets them apart.
"We must reject the politics of division and embrace the power of unity. Kogi State is a diverse state, but we must recognize that our diversity is our strength and work together to build a more prosperous and all-inclusive government for all," she said.
Engr Habib Amoka⁩ who is also the Youths moblizer from kogi central to Kogi state Accountant general, Alh.Momoh Jibrin. emphasized the importance of dialogue and respect for each other's differences.
"We must come together as a people and work towards a shared vision of progress and prosperity for Kogi State. Build trust and understanding for a more peaceful and harmonious state."
“Governor Yahaya Bello has worked hard to ensure unity in Kogi State since assuming office and appointed individuals from diverse backgrounds into key positions in his administration. Implemented policies that aim to promote inclusivity and equal opportunity for all and should be sustained as such,” he added.

Dedicate to all sons and daughters of kogites.
Stay Out Of Trouble
Vote with Thumb, Don't Vote Your Life Out.

Engr Habib Amoka 


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