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About Kogi Musical Awards

 Kogi Musical Awards


Wizvibes Media Team is proud to present the Kogi State Musical Awards – a project of recognition and endorsement for musicians from Kogi State. This awards ceremony will recognize the best modern and local musical talents in the state, as well as provide an opportunity for them to showcase their music on a bigger stage.



This project is aimed at promoting local music talent and giving them an avenue to reach wider audiences. It seeks to create more opportunities for local musicians by providing them with exposure and recognition they deserve. Furthermore, it also serves as an avenue of networking between local artists and industry professionals.


Award Categories 

1. Local Musical Genre

1. ✓ Best Local Music Group

2. ✓ Best female local Music act

3. ✓ Best male local Music act

4. ✓ Best  Traditional Music  group

2.   Indigenous Music Genre

1.  ✓ Best Album of the year

2.  ✓ Best Male artiste of the year

3. ✓ Best Female artiste of the year

4. ✓ Best male lyricist / vocalist 

5.  ✓ Best female lyricist / vocalist 

6.  ✓ Voice of the Street

7.  ✓ Best Rapper of the year

3.  Modern Music Genre

1. Best Male Act

2. Best Male Vocalist / lyricist 

3.  Best female act

4.   Best female vocalist / lyricist 

5. Best album of the year

6.  Best collaboration of the year

7. kogi next rated

8. Best Producer of the year

9. . Best video producer of the year

10. King of rap 

11. Hull of fame

13. Best OAP of the year



Every year, the Kogi Musical Awards will be  celebrating outstanding achievements in music by recognizing and awarding deserving artists. This year's event is no different, as each winner of every category will be rewarded with a prize worth 50k and 100 thousand naira cash prize as well as other endorsements from our partners and the brand Wizvibes.


The award is an acknowledgement of the hard work put in by all the nominees who have been recognized for their talent and creativity in music. It also serves to encourage aspiring musicians to continue striving for excellence in their craft while inspiring them to reach greater heights.


This year's winners will be honored with an award that not only recognizes their talent but also provides them with a financial reward that can help them further pursue their dreams. With this award, we hope to create a platform where more talented musicians can thrive and make their mark on the industry.

Voting Procedures 

The Kogi Musical Awards is an event that celebrates the best of music in Kogi State . Every year, the awards recognize and honor the most outstanding musicians in various categories. To ensure a fair and transparent process, we have put together a voting procedure for each category. On our official website, you can find out all about the voting procedure for each category and make sure that your favorite artists are recognized for their talent and hard work.

For Partnership / Sponsorship 


The grand finale of the Kogi Musical Awards is set to be a spectacular event, and it requires a budget that reflects this. To ensure that the awards are able to make an impact and provide an unforgettable experience for everyone involved, the esteemed budget for the grand finale is Ten million Naira (10,000,000) This will go towards covering expenses such as venue rental, catering, sound system setup, lighting setup, decorations and more. With this budget in place, we can guarantee that everyone attending will have an unforgettable experience at the grand finale of the Kogi Central Musical Awards.







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