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Engr. Habib Amoka Network Ehan Join His Boss Engr Balogun AC COOL To Receive Ebira Community In Lokoja LG.

 Engr. Habib Amoka Network Ehan Join His Boss Engr Balogun AC COOL To Receive Ebira Community In Lokoja LG. 

In a statement issued and signed by Engr Habib amoka on 22nd-6th-2023.

Engr. Habib Amoka and his boss Ac Cool plaid Host to Ebira Community in Lokoja LG led by the Leading Leaders, Hon. ABIOUS and Hon Abdulrasheed,

 Under the platform of EBIRA POLITICAL UNITY FORUM representing All Ebiras in Lokoja LG Politically.

 Engr. Habib Amoka.  said; Sometimes leaders even apologize for sins to which they personally have no connection with.

 And sincerely apologized to all the aggrieved Kogites haven't heard different complaints, majorly on the issue of leaving them behind after "Used and Dumped" method in every election in Kogi State.

"Some Of The Challenges Highlighted Below Are👇🏾"

1. WARD "A acclaimed APC Woman Leader (Worker's Village) is an opposition Party, always giving APC Headache to win Election.

2. Nobody to push for Job Opportunities where Sons and Daughters are there with Institution Certificates

3. No Empowerment

4. LAPO and GROOMING is killing🙄

5. Unknown Leaders are Hijacking benefits

6. Ebiras are left out during Election preparations process.

7. Ebiras are not treated nicely by other tribes due to the Sellout of Priority by some selected Leaders.

8. We are in Gov't yet our "Surfers" is Tripled compared to when IGALAS are in Government.

9. We don't have Access to Our Leaders for Assistance.

 AC COOL commend the Cooperation of newly affirm EBIRA POLITICAL UNITY FORUM, LOKOJA Led By Hon. #ANDA_ABIOUS and Hon. #ABDULRASHEED for their efforts to present the Genuine total number of Ebira Associations with Followers traces on like before where Ghost Associations is more than the real Associations.

 In His words, He Says, "We Have The Numbers" really, hence since what we have here present is only the Presidents and Secretaries as instructed then this is mini KC in Lokoja LG.

 Kudos to our Political Gladiator, Hon. HADI AMETUO The Special Adviser to Governor on Political Matters for the quick notice where assignment was assigned immediately to that effect for Authentic list should be produced and is done Successfully with confirmation by Hon. #AC_COOL hence room is still given to whom ever has Ebira Associations with full Life are warmly welcome.

 Engr. Balogun #Ac Cool/#Ehan alongside with his political team Loud His Campaign Office for #OdodOyibo.

 As this office belong to every citizens of Kogi State, we are alway available, bring your complaints and go home with possible solutions, the office is opened for your political meetings, matters arise and All in as much is #OdodOyibo November"23 concern matters where He also pleaded to Ebira Indigenes to Campaign, Canvas and Vote for #OdodOyibo victory as He promised, next administration of His Excellency Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo Insha'Allah will be very Different because "that the group will benefits and enjoy dividend of democracy". He further stated of always be meeting with Presidents and Secretaries of Associations submitted every 3weeks to hear from them challenges of every Units across Lokoja LG before Election Day and Office will still be widely open after election for any form of further Assistance or Assignment.

 He further assures The Good People of Ebiras in Lokoja Resident a proper detailed their complaint reports to be presented before His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello CON and it shall be addressed accordingly.

On closing remarks as Sum of 250,000(Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only) was given to EBIRA POLITICAL UNITY FORUM for Transportation.

#EPUF shows there appreciation that The money that you’ve given is deeply appreciated, and we thank you. But as they say, “It’s the thought that counts,” and we are so lucky to have a leader like you who always take cares his people welfare. Thank you so much.

 where Peace and Orderliness was advised and 

“ If you don't know the #Ododo'Oyibo'2023 on the other side, love him anyway because he's just like you. He has the same dreams, the same hopes and fears. Lets be Good Ambassadors to Ourselves, It's one world,. We're all neighbors.”Harmony and peace go hand in hand. Where there is harmony, there is peace.


Engr Habib Amoka


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